African Board For Community Relations is a non-profit organisation aiming to increase community cohesion worldwide. A group of migrants from African countries got together with people from the local community in Wakefield and set up the organisation in February 2012. The organisation objectives comprises promoting inter-cultural dialogue, building trust between communities, empowering communities to engage peacefully with each other and encourage positive attitudes which contribute to community cohesion.

In addition to this, the organisation is providing a space where issues affecting migrants and people affected by conflicts can be discussed and appropriate actions carried out.   In order to make a significant difference to the lives of people it serves AB4CR has developed partnership with government agencies, third sector organisations and private businesses.

In the long run, AB4CR is hoping to establish itself as a sustainable non-profit organization that will help young people and communities by providing them educational support, cultural awareness and social integration.



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African Board for Community Relations (AB4CR)
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